Walking is perhaps the best way to experience a region ‘up close and personal’, and no one knows that better than the people of the Indian Himalaya who have been walking and trekking in the mountains since childhood. For centuries people have travelled by foot whether for a pilgrimage, to visit friends or family on the other side of a mountain, or simply to be at one with nature. Over the last decade, walking holidays have had a revival as the buzz of fast-paced high adrenaline holidays begins to wear off for many of us, and a craving for slowing down and simply getting back to nature has kicked in.

Trekking and walking holidays are one of life's precious experiences. It is a memorable delight to be surrounded by the Himalaya with their towering snow-capped peaks, prayer flags fluttering in the breeze, the sound of yak bells ringing with sonorous chants of Buddhist monks in the morning air, and receiving the warmest of welcomes at every village you enter.

With a country as culturally diverse as India the only way to explore it properly is to dive right in! By slowing down and taking time to walk, you will engage all your senses with your surroundings, and this is arguably the best way to appreciate and enjoy each destination you visit!

With humble beginnings over fifteen years ago when we led some of the first group trekking trips through the Indian Himalaya, Trekking In India a unit of Bhagirathi Tour & Travel has been providing memorable treks and tour experiences to our customers, and we now offer the best range of walking holidays across Indian Himalayas. All our tour leaders are certified mountaineers from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering in Uttarkashi and have trekked and toured extensively across India.

We have carefully researched and selected our favorite walks in the Indian Himalaya, so whatever your interests are we can arrange your ideal walking holiday. India offers fantastic, unique, and memorable walking and trekking experiences with a huge variety in landscapes and culture to choose from as each region offers its own unique experience. On our walking holidays you will encounter a wide range of flora and fauna in diverse landscapes such as meadows, forests, mountains etc. all with spectacular backdrops!

Trekking In India a unit of Bhagirathi Tour & Travel offers custom made walking holiday itineraries to suit a wide variety of interests from culinary, natural history, or culturally focused tours to witnessing nature’s beauty while hiking along the best walking routes in Indian Himalayas.

We can plan your ideal walking tour based on what is important to you! If you have an interest in fine dining or wish to incorporate specific attractions into your trip, we can use our experience and contacts to make your tailor-made walks happen. We offer private guided walking tour holidays in many of our destinations, and can even vary the duration of your holiday or the number of days that you wish to walk. With our tailor-made options we can adjust things to suit you!

Guided Walking Holidays in India

Our guided walking holidays throughout the Indian Himalayas allow you to enjoy the benefits of an experienced guide, whose passion is to bring to life the flora, fauna, and history of the regions you travel through.

Our guides are trained extensively, and will work tirelessly to tailor the trip to your interests while ensuring your holiday runs smoothly. Depending on the trip you choose, group sizes will vary from 4 to 18 like-minded individuals, and most trips have a great mix of single travellers, couples, friends, NGO, collages and clubs.

Share your experiences and make new friends as you enjoy the best India has to offer.

Self Guide Walking and Trekking Holiday in Indian Himalayas

Self-guided walking holidays in Indian Himalayas are a very popular active holiday experience as they offer flexibility, independence, and choice. Our self-guided walking holidays follow a linear or circular route, and provide a variety of accommodation options such as hotels, bungalows, guesthouses, or camping in pre-approved safe and secure locations.

Our self-guided walking holidays are fully flexible which means you can choose to start your walk on any day of the season, and customize the duration by adding extra days for resting or sightseeing.

As you will be walking independently, you're free to follow the trail at your own pace. You set your own speed and are not limited by the constraints of group travel. You are free to shorten or lengthen your walk as the terrain permits and can even take a day off, although you may need to travel onto your next accommodation by taxi or public transport in order to do so. As long as you are reasonably active you will be able to find a suitable tour. All of our tours are graded to help you choose the right walk for you.

All our guides are based locally (we don't fly "leaders" out with groups) and are either head leader employees or local partners. They are all passionate about their homelands, and committed to sharing their experiences with you.

We keep our group sizes small (typically 4 to 18 people) as we feel it gives the tours a good mix of people whilst giving everyone the opportunity to learn from the local knowledge of our guides. This also allows us to use smaller, hand-picked guest houses, which is not possible with larger groups.

Walking with Sightseeing Tours in India

Offering a combination of walks and visits to fascinating places of interest, our Walking with Sightseeing Tours immerse you in India’s outstanding history, adventure, culture and nature.

These excursion-style walks offer plenty of time to enjoy the views and visit places of interest, with our knowledgeable leaders on hand to bring local stories, landmarks, and legends to life.

Our walks are so much more than mere discovery − these holidays invite you to totally immerse yourself in the local culture, history and landscape. With more time and space to appreciate the landscape you’ll get so much more from your time outdoors.

We guarantee walking holidays that are:
• Designed by WALKERS for WALKERS, and guided by WALKERS
• In locations of outstanding beauty
• Relaxed, friendly, sociable, and safe
• All inclusive – food, accommodation, tour, transportation
• Stress free! Leave the organizing to us

We also guarantee:

• Experienced, local walking guides
• Flexible approach to all aspects of your holiday
• Customer dedicated service

Since 2008 we have been working with 20+ Indian inbound tour companies and have successful organized over 3000 trips.