The Chang-Thang literally means the high altitude plateau located at the south east of Ladakh on Indo -Tibet border. The plateau is home of the Nomade ( Changpas ) who lives there with their herds, The trek starts form Rumtse to Tukche near Tsokar lake, A lake with its huge salt water deposit, Further trek toward Karzok the capital of Rupshu located on the bank of Tsomoririr lake with its turquois color. Trail winds to extreme south close to the ancients route of merchants and turns to the valley of Phertse phu river till Pang.

During the trek we will cross several passes, icy chilled rivulets, will spot the. wildlife as Kyang, " the Tibetan wild ass" and Marmots. Rare and exotic birds as Bar headed Goose, and black necked crane are also found in these lakes. We shall may have the occasion to be interact the Nomad's who are hospitable and honest peoples.

Trekking in High altitude plateau, Meeting the Nomade,
Vast landscape and wide valleys,
Huge salt water lakes, Chances to encounter the wild Donkey,
Bird watching on the lakes.

Region: Ladakh Himalaya
Grade: Moderate
Duration: 17 Nights & 18 Days / 5 Nights hotel, 13 Nights camping, 14 days trekking
Best Time: July and August