Trekking in India takes pride in our belief and principles on the tourism field, which have won us many admirers. All of the activities are carefully planned to be within the boundaries of responsible tourism and are eco-friendly. Apart from these, we also take good care of our own crew (Guides, Cooks, Assistants, Porters and drivers), and make sure that they are well paid (accordingly to the rules of the Tourism Board of India), well cared and properly trained.

All our field staff who cheerfully and responsibly takes care of our clients while on treks are highly skilled to tackle every obstacles of an adventurous trip. We are proud to be called as one of the local companies who have the best insurance for all the field staffs.

Our Guides:
Trekking in India provides much needed employment for the Indian Peoples. Also, having a local guide with you can really enhance your trek, giving you better insights into the Indian way of life with the added benefit of lively and informative companion. All our guides are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and helpful and most importantly, are fluent in English & local language. They have been working many years in this field as guides, and have successfully acquired the Trekking Guide License from Government of India. All our guides completed trainings from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) one of the best mountaineering institutes in India.

Our Porters:
You may be perfectly able to carry your own bag or may feel uncomfortable at the idea of having someone carry your bag for you, remember that carrying loads is a way of life in the Himalayas and for a minimal amount you will be enabling someone to put food on their family’s table.

Trekking in India make sure all our porters are protected by warm gear, especially when on an adventure trip. We also provide them with sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses and a tent on camping trekking. Porters are hard workers and we pay well for their work.

Our effort for minimum environmental impact
We make sure all our trash, including bottles and cans from goods consumed is properly managed. On camping trips, all our activities are designed to have the minimum of impacts on the environment. We believe to leave only footprints behind us whenever trekking in the wilder and higher elevations. Even all the papers and materials used in our office in Indian are also environment friendly.

We believe in responsible tourism
We strictly believe in practicing responsible tourism and all our trekking staffs have been strictly following this very module. Responsible Tourism If you have further question please do not hesitate to write us.