Himachal Pradesh as the name connotes (‘Him’ means snow), it is a land of snow-clad mountains, snow-fed rivers and sparkling streams, the beauty of which has lured many to this enchanting place. Himachal Pradesh is a hallowed land, a land of gods, goddesses and saints. Religion is the bed-rock on which the culture, arts and crafts of this state are founded. This is more than evident in the numerous Hindu and Buddhist shrines and monasteries, where the people of Himachal have surpassed in stone and woodcarvings.

Nestled in the Himalaya, the world’s mightiest mountain ranges, Himachal is blessed with some of the most spectacular landscapes anywhere. Truly a travellers paradise, with mighty snow peaks, deep gorges, lush green and golden valleys, flower filled meadows, misty woods, fast flowing icy rivers, glaciers and enchanting lakes. While the picturesque valleys of Kullu, Kinnaur and Kangra are a riot of colours, in marked contrast the barren terrain of Lahaul & Spiti have a stunning lunar landscape like beauty. For the visitor there are superb locations for relaxing and sightseeing. There are also tremendous opportunities for trekking, mountaineering, fishing, river rafting, skiing, para-gliding, ice skating and golf.

Trekking in Himachal Pradesh enjoys the greatest popularity due to choice of geographical terrain of the region through it is also a suitable destination for other adventures such as Rock Climbing, Hang gliding, Skiing, White water Rafting and of course Mountaineering.

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Pin Parvati pass full of contrasts–culturally as well as geographically trek in Himachal, we begin from the lush green Apple Valley of Kullu with its hot springs and meadows covered with alpine flowers. Rich forests, steep cliffs and spectacular waterfalls complement the scenery on the trail. Passing temporary shepherds settlements, the valley opens as we go higher giving way to views of the neigh bouring peaks and glaciers. The final haul over the Pin Parvati is done in the early hours to reach the pass before noon. The pass at 5400m offers superb views of the snow covered peaks of Kinnaur, the Kulu Eiger and views across Spiti. The scenery changes once you cross the pass into the Pin and then the wide fl at Spiti valley with barley terraces on the valley sides with rocky cliffs towering high. Mani (prayer) walls line the village path with its stone houses. A few days are spent in visiting the ancient and dramatically situated monasteries before we drive across the Kunzumla pass to end in the the well known hill station town of Manali.

Region: Himachal Himalaya
Grade: Strenuous
Duration: 16 Night & 17 Days / 7 Nights Hotel, 9Nights Camping, 9 Days Trekking
Best Time: June, July, August & October


Himachal Pradesh extends from the plains of Punjab, north of Delhi, to the high crest of the Himalaya and includes some of the finest trekking routes in India. To show the distinct variety of landscape, which is an attractive feature of the southern Himalayan foothills, we take a route through the lush green Kinnaur valley to the high mountain desert of Spiti. After a fascinating train ride to the British Raj hill station of Shimla, we drive on the old Hindustan to Tibet road, through forest, rice fields and apple orchards, to the remote district of Kinnaur to begin our trekking in Kafnoo to cross the Bhaba pass. This major watershed crossing is part of an ancient trading link between Kinnaur and Spiti and is still used by the nomadic Gaddi herdsmen who travel widely throughout these Himalayan foothills. After visiting some of Spiti’s ancient monasteries, drive across the Kunzumla pass (4550m) to Manali from where we return to Delhi.

Region: Himachal Himalaya
Grade: Moderate
Duration: 14 Nights & 15 Days / 7 Night Hotel, 6 Nights Camping, 1Night Train Journey, 6 Days Trekking
Best Time: July & August

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