Himalayas is a land of multifarious landscapes and umpteen gorgeous deep valleys. The existence of mighty Himalayas in the region and the amazing topography of the various locations give the nation tag of being one of the best trekking routes on the planet. Himalayas cover more than 612,000 square kilometers (236,000 square miles), passing through the northern states of India and making up most of the terrain of Nepal, Bhutan, China and Myanmar. From long time Himalaya attracts adventure seekers to tray their hand in different adventure activities including the thrilling trek. Trekking in Himalayas offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy the natural surroundings with cascading waterfalls, lush green forest, blue and icy river along with a unique variety of flora and fauna. With spectacular scenic beauty, Trekking in Himalayas is also one of the best ways to explore the diverse culture, customs and architecture of the mountainous region with the hospitable hill people. Himalaya range offers a variety of trekking destinations ranging from Garhwal Himalaya, Kumaon Himalaya, ,Ladakh, Zanskar, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kullu & Manali etc.

The Himalayas chain is increase from southeast to northwest across the Asian continent. What is known as ‘the Great Indian Himalayas’ is that part of the Himalayan chain which lies inside India Territory. In the east region, the Indian Himalaya originates from a loop between Myanmar. China and India. The chain continues spread to the border of Bhutan. Further than that lies Sikkim, home to many peaks including the world’s 3rd highest mountain, Kangchenjunga. The Himalayan range west of Sikkim region forms part of Nepal region until you reach the border of Kumaun and Garhwal. From here the Indian Himalayan chain continues without a split through Ladakh, Kinnaur, Spiti and finally East Karakoram.

India is a huge country with the Himalayan Range forming its northern border. Its climate and topography are complex, so when considering your trekking tour in Himalayas you need to plan carefully where to go, when to go and what your finances is. The initial experience of India – the heat, the sound and the street life, the vibrant colors and the multitudes of people – may bewilder and exhaust the first – time visitor, but the country and its people are friendly and hospitable. Once you have spent some time here everything will fall into place, and you will be fully rewarded with your first sight of the Himalayan peaks, one of the most stunning mountain ranges in the world.

Why trekking in Himalayas?

The word “Hima” in Sanskrit is “snow” and the word, “alaya” means abode. But the mighty mountain ranges of the Himalayas are more than just an abode of snow. They are Mother Nature’s biggest miracle. The Himalayas are the roof of the world, overwhelming us with their sheer magnificence and size and humbling us by giving us a true perspective of how small and insignificant we humans are.

The mystical, enchanting Himalayan mountains is a treat to all your senses. View some of the most breathtaking panoramas of Mother Earth, enjoy the crisp mountain air on your skin, listen to the chants of devotees along with the songs of the wind and smell the wondrous fragrance of the mountain trees and flowers.

Uphill the heights and being a part of the Himalayan landscape is an experience beyond comparison. all trekking in the Himalayas is frequently a mix of adventure, pleasure and self realization.

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Auden Col One of the exploratory trek – very little is known about this trek connecting the pilgrim centers of Gangotri & Kedarnath. The Col is situated on the connecting ridge of Gangotri III (6577m) and Jogin I (6465 m) – we approach the Col from Rudugaira glacier and descend through the ice falls and the crevassed Khatling glacier.?

Region: Uttarakhand Himalaya
Grade: Tough
Duration: 16 Nights & 17 Days
Best Time: May, June & August and September


Gangotri Gomukh Tapovan trek is one of the most popular trek in Himalayas where breathtaking views of Soaring Himalayan Peaks on this wonderful trip, we begin in the foothills – the holy city of Rishikesh drive to Gangotri to begin the trek right up to the source of the legendary Ganges -(Gaumukh as is known, though many believe that the Ganges can be seen in a liquid state near Nandanvan which would make the Gangotri peak the actual source of the Ganges) passing several beautiful trails through dense forests of Deodar, Cypress, Pine and Rhododendrons.

Region: Uttarakhand Himalaya
Grade: Moderate
Duration: 07 Nights & 08 Days
Best Time: April to June & September to end October


Chopta Tungnath & Chandrashila trek one of the most exciting and most beautiful trails you can tread in Uttarakhand. The trails of Garhwal Himalayas evoke thrill and adventure. Lofty terrains leading to the summit make for an incredible experience and the surrounding beauty leaves you enchanted.

Region: Uttarakhand Himalaya
Grade: Easy
Duration: 04 Nights & 05 Days
Best Time: Round the Years

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