India Tribal tour take you to extreme eastern Indian states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh is a vast combination of diverse culture of Urban and Rural lives , here isolated area are inhabited by different tribes and ethnic groups. During the tribal tours to Arunachal Pradesh your will explore rich tribal culture heritage that flourished since centuries, its Extreme nature beauty of layered hills, here dense tropical forest preserve rich flora and sheltered diverse and rare species of fauna , Its natural and culture heritage sites, colorful markets filled by local arts and craft, and you will be greeted by the remarkable hospitality of the peoples.

India tribal tour to The Konyak tribe is very famous for their violent head hunting with their tattooed inked faces. Konyak warrior with the maximum numbers of his enemies’ heads is considered to be the mightiest of all. They always wear some traditional jewellery and most of the men with inked face wear a brass skull necklace which denotes the number of heads taken by them. They still use hornbill beaks, elephant tusks, horns, and skulls to decorate their houses.

The Konyak tribe holds the largest numbers among the sixteen officially recognized tribes in Nagaland. The Konyak Naga speaks the Tibetan-Myanmarese dialect with every village having a self-modified version. However, the Nagamese language – a mixture of Naga and Assamese is also spoken by some of the people, residing in the state. Aoling Monyu is the most spectacular and worth watching colorful festival of Konyak observed every year during the first week of April.


Elephant or jeep safari in Kaziranga national park Majoli, the biggest river Island
Culture heritage of Ahom dynasty Assam Tea gardens, Ferry cruise in Bhramaputra river,
Interaction with different tribes and Ethnic people. Discovering rich tribal culture heritage.
Breath-taking nature beauty, local markets of arts and craft

Region: North East India / Assam-Arunachal
Grade: Easy
Duration: 15 Nights / 16 Days
Season: September to April
Activity: Tribal Tours


Day 01: Arrive Delhi
Day 02: Delhi – Guwahati – Kaziranga
Day 03: Kaziranga
Day 04: Kaziranga – Majoli via Jorhat
Day 05: Majuli
Day 06: Majuli to Dibrugarh Via Sibsagar
Day 07: Dibrugarh – Pasighat
Day 08: Pasighat – ALONG
Day 09: Along
Day 10: Along- Daporizo
Day 11:Daporizo
Day 12: Daporizo – Ziro
Day 13: Ziro
Day 14: Ziro – Itanagar
Day 15: Itanagar -Guwahati
Day 16: Guwahati- Delhi and departure

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